Vintage Emporium

Have you ever dreamed of visiting the Room of Requirement in Hogwarts?

Well, I have. Ever since I found myself in it, in the magical world of Harry Potter.

To my greatest astonishment, I found myself in it again, but this time for real, when I accidentally stumbled upon Vintage Emporium in Stockport.

It truly is the Emporium. The minute you walk in, you are surrounded by the every possible object imagined, from hangers made from deer's hooves (sic!), old photographs, to mirage of clothes your Grandmother used to wear.

A real time machine in so many ways… Today, when I was visiting it for the fifth time, the smell of dust and damp in the air evoked nostalgia inside of me. Suddenly, I found myself in my Granmother’s attic.

The attic was my special hideaway every time I got to visit her. If you would have to know one thing about me, it would be the fact that what I cherish the most in my life is creating memories and remembering nice things from my childhood. Visiting my Grandmother would be the most special series of memories, and I am sure not one children book could be written about it. In fact, it was the kind of childhood “The Six Bullerby Children” had in Astrid Lindgren’d world.

Every summer, when bored and left alone to exolore the world, I would sneak to the attic and hide from the world.I would dress in her old clothes and hats, browse through suitcase upon suitcase filled with old photographs of the family, listen to the rain hitting the rooftiles when it was cloudy, and read her postcards under the sunlight coming through the holes in the roof, when sunny.

Suddenly, I opened my eyes and was back in reality. I smiled and that sudden flashback made my entire day….

Jenny and continued to wander through the rows of antiques and gasped with amazement at almost everything we touched. It took us really long to see most of the place and when we finally settled for luch, we sat in the most sunny spot in the cafe.

We shared a nice lunch together, drank tea, laughed, played cards and took gazillion pictures. I must admit, there is nothing better than meeting a person with whom you take off immediately, like you knew each other for ages.

I really couldn’t dream of a better start of the spring, especially because I promised myself to take up blogging again. Just to justify my pictures and tell everyday stories. A little mind excercise for my winter-hazed mind. A blog for all my new favourite memories from life…

If you would like to have a gander yourself, go and check out Vintage Emporium, as they are open almost all the time!