Summer Solstice

Some days are just meant to be celebrated in a certain way with a certain person.

When you meet a soulmate, you just know. There is a certain click and then, hopefully, you find yourself drawn to them on for the rest of your life.

Happily, I have met Gosia years ago in High School. We were both odd in comparison to the rest of the class and, despite years apart, we still find our ways back to each other.

Because of this, and because we are inbetween our birthday’s, we decided to celebrate the Summer Solstice sunrise on top of Mam Tor.

What else I can say? I couldn’t have spent this day better.

We drank coffee atop Mam Tor, took photos of an amazing sunrise, ate breakfast overlooking Snake Pass, explored Castleton in the early morning and talked for hours at the local inn.

See what Gosia saw here: