I cannot believe I have promised myself to write often and yet, the last post here is month old.

Looking for inspiration, I have searched my hard drive and I stumbled upon photos I took in Amsterdam… in May. It was our Second Anniversary trip. Funnily, we have visited Amsterdam for our First Anniversary too! Stayed in the same hotel over the same period of time. So why bother coming back?

I’m sure anyone who has visited the canal city knows the answer to that question.

Amsterdam is beautiful, robust, sunny and full of colours. Not even two trips were enough to say we have seen enough of it.

Last year, as everyone else visiting for the first time, we have covered all the classics in Amsterdam: walked the city through and through, been on a boat trip and visited many museums in a very short period of time. That left us exhausted (but happy) and ready for more.

This year an opportunity came up to recreate the first trip. This time, we were in mood for a slower pace. We mainly spent our days in museums, wandered (very slowly) the streets and ate loads of delicious food.

The only iconic thing which we did not do the first and this time was… riding a bike! I know, it’s a crime!

But I will save this for the third time. After all, third time is a charm!

Come along to sunny Amsterdam with me ;) In random order: Citry centre, Rjiksmuseum, Vondelpark and the wonderful Hortus Botanicus and Vegan Junk Food.